Tender Collisions

Art’s impact lies in the aesthetic experience – the moment when intellectual engagement and emotional excitement reach a state of dynamic balance. It is at this point of oscillation between the rational and irrational where Tender Collisions came to life.

I start by drawing simple rectangles, following the rules of geometry and perspective. Regular, irregular, flat or foreshortened, they are always measured and drawn with the help of a ruler and filled with a neutral shade of grey. Then, like a dancer, who uses her body to express different states of mind, I immerse myself in an emotion – joy or anger, nostalgia or elation, and let my hand move spontaneously on the surface.

In result, premeditated and emotionally neutral geometric shapes find themselves in coexistence with spontaneous, gestural splashes of colour. Intention, control and precision collide with chaos, spontaneity and unrestricted emotion. The emerging tension between rational and irrational generates primal beauty.

I often return to the image to re-think – fine pencil in hand – the unexpected visual conflicts, discoveries and puzzles, which have occurred in the process.

September, 2016

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