About me

Boryana 75dpi

Photography: Christine Matthai

Born in Bulgaria in 1962 I grew up in what, I realised later, was a totalitarian communist regime. But when you are a child, you do not register these things – I liked to play with the other kids in the street, swim in the Danube and go to the Black Sea on summer camp with the other kids from the pioneer’s union – the children’s section of the communist youth organisation. Christmas was celebrated after we went to bed, till we were old enough to keep a secret -then we were introduced to Christmas and sworn not to mention it at school. And so on.

I really started to feel it all when I was a teenager – no, backpacking was not an option for me, no, listening to this or that music was frowned upon, yes, you’d better mind what you say – but then I realised that nobody could control what I think. I was in a great, fairly liberal school. Plus, at the time I was busy being a philosopher, an artist, a rebel,  etc. It wasn’t so bad after all.

I was the kid who could draw best in class, I enjoyed it and I had some good and training – the old school no-nonsense drawing in the atelier of Kiril Stanchev and an introduction to modern art and aesthetics with Peter Popov. Later though, when I announced that I want to be an artist, my parents insisted that I’d better learn a useful trade, and continue drawing and painting in my spare time if I liked it so much. They were damn right although I was kicking and screaming at the time. The useful trade turned out to be languages – had it not been for that, I wouldn’t be typing happily in English now (as well as Arabic) and many things in my life would have not turned as well as they did.

Almost 25 years later, I could afford abandoning my successful career in PR, resume my art training and eventually return to art  full time.  And I did it with gusto. Nothing could have made me happier – I had thought that art will be the unrealised childhood dream that will remain for my next life.

So here I am now,  painting full time, curating, reading the books I have always wanted to read, blogging, travelling and having all the time in the world to think.

Doesn’t get better than this.


  • Tender Collisions, September 2017 Kinnarps Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Nocturnes, March- April 2015, Grand Gallery, Freeport (Curator)
  • Eye Candy Group Art Show – July-August 2014, Jadite Gallery, New York
  • Oblique Perspectives – April 2014, Curator’s Voice Art Projects, Miami
  • Interrogations – March 2014, Curator’s Voice Art Projects, Miami
  • Grand Bahama Artists Association – For the Love of Art group show – February 2013
  • 26.6 N-78.7 W   – with Susan Mour Mackay and Del Foxton,  Freeport,  2013
  • New York Art Expo – 2013
  • Two Tales One City – with Christine Matthai during Dubai Art week in 2012
  • Whoosh! – solo exhibition in Fujairah, UAE, 2011

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